March 19, 2020

"Final Pro-Life Democrat" at the National Level Dan Lipinski Loses Illinois Primary to Pro-Abortion Candidate

Dan Lipinski
Credit: American Life League / Flickr
Dan Lipinski, whom many are calling the last pro-life Democrat at the national level, lost the primary race for Illinois representative district three to progressive businesswoman Marie Newman during Tuesday's election.

Newman had a 48.2% to 45.8% majority over Lipinski, despite the actions of several pro-life organizations rallying behind him, including heavy spending from the Susan B. Anthony List and grassroots efforts from Students for Life.

Lipinski's record is mixed on abortion-related issues, with his recent vote in favor of the pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment confusing many, but his opponent campaigned heavily against the pro-life stances Lipinski did take to persuade Democratic voters to reject the incumbent.

It is also argued that the low voter-turnout created by the coronavirus epidemic negatively impacted Lipinski's base more so than his opponent's since campaign events had to be canceled in key areas and older voters may have been more likely to stay home. “Irish Catholics? The 19th Ward? That’s our base,” campaign spokesman Phil Davidson said. “The opportunity just vaporized.”

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