March 13, 2020

Abortionists Argue for Increased Telemedicine Abortions During Coronavirus Pandemic

Credit: / Pexels
Several abortionists have taken to Twitter and used the panic surrounding the coronavirus to argue for increased access to abortion drugs over the internet.

"#COVID2019 is a good time to remind you that Self-Managed abortion is safe, avoids in person appointments, and will be necessary to address the increased incidence of unintended pregnancies that will result from self-quarantine," wrote Dr. Dustin Costescu.

The claim that women will become pregnant while they quarantine themselves for contracting the coronavirus is a bit strange, but the OBGYN and “sexual medicine specialist” at McMaster University had more to say.
He touted that 95% of at-home abortions using abortion pills are successfully completed without the need for medical intervention. He immediately conflicted with that statement, however; by saying that systems need to be in place to respond to women who experience complications during their at-home abortions.

Having an abortion with a physician present would be far safer than having one at home, since medical intervention would be much faster in those scenarios, even assuming that women follow the process correctly.

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