December 23, 2019

A California Bill would have Helped Patients Recognize Abuse During Pelvic Exams. After Planned Parenthood Lobbying, it was Tabled.

California State Senate
Credit: Carole J. Buckwalter / Wikimedia Commons
A bill designed to protect patients from sexual abuse during pelvic exams was tabled with help from Planned Parenthood lobbying.

After authorities started an investigation against a California doctor accused of sexually assaulting young students when they had pelvic exams, the state senate introduced California Assembly Bill 1030. The bill would have required patients to be informed about what a pelvic exam is, what predatory behavior during a pelvic exam is and how to report it, be given a pamphlet produced by the California government in conjunction with several medical organizations, and to sign a document saying that they received the pamphlet.

The bill garnered bipartisan support and was expected to pass until Planned Parenthood began lobbying against it. In a letter of opposition, the abortion corporation stated it, “creates additional barriers for patients to access reproductive health care. … Based on the number of gynecological exams Planned Parenthood conducts, we believe this requirement will increase the length of patient visits and thus unintentionally cause patient volume to decrease.”

It may make patients safer, but because the bill would mean fewer abortions- and less profit- Planned Parenthood opposed it. The bill was tabled and never received a vote.

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