November 26, 2019

Pa. Down Syndrome Protection Act Sponsor Speaks Against Governor's Veto

Pennsylvania State Rep. Kate Klunk
Pennsylvania's Democrat Governor Tom Wolf recently vetoed a bill that would have made aborting a child solely because of a diagnosis with Down syndrome illegal. The bill passed both the Senate and House with comfortable, bipartisan majorities. Now the sponsor, Rep. Kate Klunk, has released a statement in response to Gov. Wolf's veto.
“I am incredibly disheartened by Gov. Wolf’s veto of the Down Syndrome Protection bill. With the stroke of a pen, he not only vetoed an important piece of legislation, but also continued to allow for the termination of unborn babies strictly because they have a Down syndrome diagnosis. 
“In his veto message, Wolf said, ‘There is no evidence that this bill is needed in Pennsylvania.’ I beg to differ. When I looked at all the people with Down syndrome who advocated for this bill, I saw the evidence of why this bill should be law in our Commonwealth. I saw the love and value they add to their families and to the fabric of our communities. And, I saw the need to protect these individuals from needless death simply because they have an extra chromosome.”
This legislation would have saved the lives of babies in Pennsylvania who are killed simply because they have a genetic disorder. Instead, it was vetoed with great fanfare. Governor Wolf made a production of the whole affair. He announced his plans as soon as the legislation passed and posted a video of himself vetoing the bill the next day.

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