October 21, 2019

Child Born with Three Legs, Two Penises, and No Anus Saved by Series of Medical Procedures.

In 2018, a Russian mother discovered that her unborn child several severe deformities, including an extra leg, urinary tract, and penis, but refused to abort. It is assumed that the extra body parts formed as a result of the boy's unborn twin, who died earlier in the pregnancy. After birth in July 2018, it was discovered that the baby boy had two full urinary systems and no anus as well.

Doctors performed an emergency procedure following the boy's birth to allow him to pass waste. In the following months, he underwent several more surgeries to remove the excess body parts. His extra leg and penis have been removed and the boy only has one more procedure planned before he is expected to be able to live a completely normal life. The amazing story of this baby boy shows us that even children born with extremely abnormal conditions can recover, survive and thrive if they are given a chance. Click here to read more.