October 15, 2019

Adult Stem Cells Successfully Treat MS-Like Disease

A study published in the scientific journal Neurology found that adult stem cells successfully treated and reversed neuromyelitis optica. This disease functions similarly to multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that causes the immune system to eat away at the coverings of nerve cells. Charlotte Lozier Institute issued the following statement in response to the study:
“Adult stem cells continue to show they are the gold standard of stem cells, providing validated success in therapy after therapy for patients, in contrast to embryonic stem cells, which have not produced a single validated cure in patients,” said Dr. David Prentice, CLI’s Vice President and Research Director, “It’s particularly significant in the current results that most patients suffering from neuromyelitis optica, a progressive autoimmune disease, after a single treatment with adult stem cells, remained treatment-free after five years, versus the standard expensive, ongoing drug treatment. Adult stem cell treatments also improved patient health and quality of life, compared to standard drug therapy. Dr. Richard Burt and other doctors like him should be congratulated for continuing to improve patient opportunities in clinical studies with adult stem cells.”
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