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September 4, 2019

Facebook Cites Pro-Abortion Sources to Claim Links to "Live Action" Stories are Fake News

On September 30th, Facebook took disciplinary action against Live Action News for "repeated sharing of false news." The page and content that it posts will appear less on Facebook's feed. Users who shared recent posts from Live Action News received a notification saying, "There's additional reporting from an independent fact-checker on content that you shared." Users who clicked on this notification were sent to a statement from two doctors affiliated with abortion organizations.

The statement by Live Action News that these doctors "fact-checked" was this: "abortion is never medically necessary." The doctors rebutted by saying abortion is necessary in some cases to preserve the life of the mother, thus the disciplinary action against Live Action News. Facebook failed to understand Live Action News's entire argument, though. Live Action has repeatedly expressed its position that in situations where the life of the mother is in danger, preterm deliveries should take place instead of abortions. This way mothers can receive medical care immediately and the preterm children have a chance to survive, even if they sometimes do not. Facebook ignored this part of Live Action's argument and instead sided with abortion doctors who only stand to profit from increased abortion. Click here for more.