December 5, 2018

This is what Planned Parenthood calls ‘healthcare’

With new president Leana Wen at the helm, Planned Parenthood is advertising itself as a healthcare provider. A new campaign, called “This is Health Care,” shows celebrities and other women discussing how Planned Parenthood provided them with necessary health services. But Planned Parenthood has a tendency to fudge statistics and bloat the facts about the provision of health care that women need — and fails to give accurate details about some of the procedures it most commonly performs. Namely, abortion.

Below, Planned Parenthood describes a D&E abortion, the most common abortion in the second trimester in the United States:

This is what Planned Parenthood calls ‘healthcare’

Note this phrase: “gently take the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus.” Just before that, Planned Parenthood mentions that a “combination of medical tools and a suction device” will be used to do this. The medical tool used is a sopher clamp as used below...

Second Trimester Abortion: Dilation and Evacuation (D & E)

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