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August 8, 2018

Reversing Chemical Abortions is a threat to ideology of abortion on demand

Reversing Chemical Abortions is a threat to ideology of abortion on demand
A chemical abortion, commonly known as RU-486, occurs when a mother is given a lethal cocktail of two powerful drugs. Mifepristone, typically given at the abortion facility, blocks progesterone, thereby inhibiting the signal to the woman’s body that she is pregnant and shutting down the system supplying nutrients to the child. The second drug, misoprostol, usually taken at home, induces severe cramping and bleeding in order to expel the baby’s tiny body.

Thanks to the ingenuity of pro-life physicians who care for both mother and child, however, there is now hope for those women who change their minds before taking the misoprostol. As you would expect, the abortion industry is furious.

The effort to halt chemical abortion was first launched by Dr. George Delgado and Dr. Matt Harrison, Medical Director and Associate Medical Director of Abortion Pill Reversal, respectively. They have found it is possible to save the unborn baby provided the woman has not taken the second of the two drugs that make up the chemical abortion regime.

Since 2012, their organization has received thousands of calls from women who had changed their minds, some who indeed turned out to still be pregnant. Over 500 babies have been saved.

Within the last few years, legislation providing information on the possibility of abortion pill reversal (APR) has been introduced in a number of state legislatures and has become law in five states.

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