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February 5, 2018

Abortion numbers are rising for women using IUDs

A baby holds his mother's IUD. Abortion is on the rise for women using LARCs.
Who could forget the viral photo of a newborn baby boy holding his mother’s IUD device? While the baby wasn’t actually born holding the device, his mother told First Coast ABC News that the doctor found it behind the placenta and a nurse placed it in the baby’s hand. The mother had received the implanted birth control device just three weeks prior to becoming pregnant. As it turns out, while implanted birth control has a reputation for being much more effective than other types of birth control, including the pill, it does carry the risk of failure. Abortion numbers for women using IUDs are on the rise.

Women are becoming pregnant despite the use of IUDs and therefore abortion for this group is on the rise.

Implanted birth control has a bad habit of moving from the position in which it was placed. The implanted contraceptive which is placed in the arm has migrated to the lung and has even had a tendency to go missing. When an IUD moves it can actually end up moving freely through a woman’s body and has been found in the bladder. This obviously can cause health risks and require surgery to remove, and there are numerous lawsuits filed, but it can also mean that a woman can become pregnant despite her use of what is considered to be highly effective birth control. Becoming pregnant with an IUD carries high risks including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies, vaginal bleeding, placental abruption, and premature delivery.

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