January 8, 2018

New Video game expedites having an abortion

abortion video game
The abortion industry and their legion of supporters/defenders are nothing if not clever. Here’s a new twist, at least new to me.

Wikipedia describes the Daily Dot as “a digital media company covering Internet culture and life on the web,” the self-described “hometown newspaper” of the Internet.

Well today one of their contributions was a profile of a new browser-based video game called “Trapped.” The headline of Samantha Grasso’s story is “‘Trapped’ is a realistic game about how hard it is get an abortion.”

By the headline and the first paragraph, the mission statement, so to speak, of “Trapped” is clear: abortions are difficult to get, more expensive to procure than thought, and made unnecessarily complicated by gynecologists who tell women abortion is wrong and dishonest crisis pregnancy centers/women helping centers.

The ‘face’ of the villains are TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws. The heroines are abortion funds women can tap into to pay for their abortions.

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