December 12, 2017

Congress considers "Conscience Protection Act" with Illinois nurse's support

While Illinois conservatives' rancor rose to new heights when Republican Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law Democrat-promoted bills forcing Illinois taxpayers to subsidize low income women and girls' abortions and local law enforcement to ignore federal immigration policy, a "right of conscience" bill started conservatives' dissatisfaction with Rauner.

The state measure, which went into effect in January 2017, requires medical personnel to provide the following information if a patient requests an abortion:

    -Refer the patient to a facility that performs abortions.
    -Transfer the patient to a facility that performs abortion.
    -Provide the patient with a list of other health care providers who perform abortions.

Conservatives' dissatisfaction with the Illinois measure and others requiring medical personnel to participate in abortions at the state level is now being mulled about in the U.S. Congress. The "Conscience Protection Act" is an effort pro-life lawmakers are pushing to become federal law.

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