July 14, 2017

Pro-Life Movie Saves Baby's Life

Baby saved by Alison's Choice movie
A Michigan woman says a little known faith-film, Alison's Choice, prompted her son's girlfriend to forego an abortion. Messaging producer/director Bruce Marchiano through Facebook, she writes, "I was there for her but it was your movie that saved her baby's life." As a result, a baby girl (pictured) was born. (Both the grandmother and the baby's mother have agreed to communicate with the media on condition of anonymity).

Alison's Choice is the story of a pregnant girl who sees no other way than abortion. There in the clinic she has an extraordinary encounter with God who has come to plead for her baby's life. "The whole movie spoke to her," says the grandmother, "I only wish it was around 33 years ago when I made the biggest mistake (of abortion) of my life."

Alison's Choice is available on Amazon Prime and on DVD at alisonschoice.com. Alison's Choice is also available for special event screenings.

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