June 19, 2017

House pro-lifers warn Senate: Don't fund PP

US Capitol Money
Fox News reports that "several" GOP senators may be willing to back a healthcare bill that funds Planned Parenthood. No senators were identified, but if a Republican-backed measure includes funding for Planned Parenthood, it would be counter to the House-approved American Health Care Act which temporarily defunds Planned Parenthood.

"That's very concerning to me and a number of other pro-life conservative members in the House who worked hard to implement a number of strong pro-life protections in the American Health Care Act, including a one-year defunding of public funding to Planned Parenthood," says Congressman Jim Banks (R-Indiana).

"If those provisions are stripped out," Banks continues, "it would make it very difficult for conservative members in the House of Representatives to vote for a bill that comes back from the Senate that would do that – [and] that's why many of us are expressing our concerns to the Senate leadership that if they do that, that would make it harder to ultimately pass this bill and get it to the president's desk."

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