May 22, 2017

Iowa defunds Planned Parenthood; IL moves toward taxpayer-funded abortion

While the majority in the Illinois Senate and House leads an effort to force Illinois taxpayers to pay for ending lives of the state's next generation, states to the east and west, are closing Planned Parenthood clinics.

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-West Dundee) says the passage of HB 40 - a measure that would force state taxpayers to fully fund Medicaid and state employee abortions - sets Illinois in direct conflict with the national trend away from abortion. He says with the state being in such dire financial straits, the measure will not only offend morally-conscious taxpayers, but deny others are dependent on state programs for their needs.

"That's right, Illinois is $13 Billion behind in back bills and HB40 will gut services even deeper to fund the abortion industry. This is extremely disappointing. Morally-conscious taxpayers would be in a position of either 1. funding abortion with the fruits of their labor, 2. avoiding paying taxes, or 3. leaving the state," Skillicorn said.

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