April 19, 2017

Why pro-abortionists must justify any and all abortions

Abortion is Murder
If you were to read abortionists zig and zag and then zag and zig when trying to figure out how to “stop playing defense,” you’d likely notice the journey always ends at the same point. They believe even to suggest that it not always a good decision to have an abortion allows pro-lifers to assume the moral high ground.

That’s why they’ve always been profoundly uncomfortable with the too-slick by half mantra that abortion ought to be “safe, legal and rare.” Why?

In the words of Jessica Griffin, writing a while back on the pro-abortion site Rewirenews.com, because that the use of the word “rare” reinforces “the idea that abortion, though permissible, should be shameful and undesirable. Nobody wants to have an abortion, after all.” (Emphasis hers.)

Says who? Not Griffin, who once appeared on the MTV show 16 and Pregnant with two other women to tell their abortion stories. This “rare” business is “an incorrect and dangerous sentiment to hold.” Stack explains

“A more correct statement would be that nobody wants to have an unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes those of us who find ourselves facing one really do want an abortion. Winning the moral, cultural, and political debate surrounding abortion rights means that we must not give the other side the upper hand on any aspect. Suggesting that nobody wants an abortion or that nobody should be willing and happy to talk about her experience reinforces the idea that it is shameful – and it gives the other side the moral advantage.”

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