January 17, 2017

Pro-abortion ordinance confuses even the police

Attorney Thomas Olp of the Thomas More Society says a 2009 law passed in Chicago prohibits sidewalk counselors from getting close to abortion-minded women by creating an eight-foot bubble zone around each woman approaching the entrance to an abortion clinic.

"Within 50 feet of that entrance that bubble zone appears," Olp tells OneNewsNow, "and a pro-life counselor cannot knowingly, without permission, enter into that eight-foot bubble."

According to the attorney, the ordinance has resulted in confusion that has extended to police.

"Over the course of seven years there have been many instances in which the police have misinterpreted the law," he says. "We believe that the law is applied only to pro-life counselors and not to the escorts that are often times there at the abortion clinics to try to get between the pro-life counselors and the clients of the abortion clinic."

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