January 31, 2017

“Life is winning again in America” VP Pence tells March for Life

Vice President Pence Speech at the March for Life
By all accounts, attendance was huge. Certainly the atmosphere was optimistic, even celebratory. How could it not be with all that has taken place these last two and a half months, in addition to the stirring speeches from pro-life counselor to President Donald Trump and pro-life Vice President Mike Pence?

Between Facebook, various Hashtags, news accounts, and tweets, one conclusion would be hard to miss. For whatever reason (and we named a half- dozen possibilities earlier in the week), there’s been much more media attention paid to the March for Life, which first began the year after the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision was dropped on an unsuspecting public.

Could be a pang or two of guilt over the seemingly endless stream of flattering stories about last Saturday’s pro-abortion, anti-Donald Trump “Women’s March.” Might be that, as Mr. Pence concluded today, “Life is winning again in America.”

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