January 23, 2017

Abortion: Not just a women's issue

"Men need to accept responsibility for the fact that it is our gender that actually promoted and pushed abortion in America," Brian Fisher, CEO and president of Human Coalition tells OneNewsNow, "and we are still the ones that 'profit from it,' in that sexually explicit men can sleep with whomever they want and then leave that relationship unencumbered by the responsibilities of the child."

Abortion - Ultimate Exploitation (book cover)Human Coalition works with thousands of women in several major cities each year, and most of them have been impregnated and deserted by the father. Fisher believes that trend can be reversed. He addresses the issue at length in his book, Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women.

"It takes character to step up and be a man and fight the culture on this," he says, "because obviously the culture believes that this is primarily a women's issue."

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