December 20, 2016

About those “anti-choice extremists”….

Ilyse Hogue, NARAL Pro-choice America President
Ilyse Hogue, NARAL Pro-choice America President
I guess NARAL Pro-Choice America decided four “anti-choice extremists” were enough to get pro-abortionists’ blood boiling–and entice them to give a “Year-End gift [that] will be doubled.”

In the fundraising e-blast, NARAL’s President Ilyse Hogue, cited Vice President-elect Indiana Gov. Mike Pence; Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for Attorney General; Georgia Rep. Tom Price, Mr. Trump’s pick for secretary of Health and Human Services; and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who will be our nation’s ambassador to the U.N.

Leading from strength, so to speak, Hogue cited Pence’s oft-stated position that he longs for the day “Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history.” The other three have their own offenses (by NARAL’s standards), including signing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which says you can’t subject babies who are capable of experiencing to the unimaginable pain of an abortion.

But the incoming administration of pro-life President-elect Donald Trump is filled with pro-lifers with long records of support for measures to protect unborn children.

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