August 29, 2016

Little Israel Stinson dies after unexpectedly being removed from ventilator

Two-year-old Israel Stinson was declared brain-dead and put on life support in April 2016. “I know you’re going to come out of this, baby,” his mother Jonee Fonseca tearfully said as she tickled and tried to wake him. Stinson was removed from life support on Aug. 25 after a long court battle. (Life Legal Defense Foundation)

In an abrupt, unexpected, and surprise decision, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge Thursday dissolved an injunction that prevented a local hospital from turning off 2-year-old Israel Stinson’s ventilator.

The adorable little boy, whose brain-dead diagnosis was fought on two continents by his parents, died shortly afterwards.

“They are devastated. I think still in shock,” family attorney Alexandra Snyder told reporters. “It’s not even my child; I am still in shock this could happen so quickly.”

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