July 8, 2016

Taste of Chicago Attendees to See Pro-Life Airplane Banner

Attendees at Taste of Chicago, Illinois' largest event of the year, will get a taste of pro-life advocacy. An airplane bearing a pro-life message will fly over the beaches of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier during the massive event today.

Chicago-area pro-life advocate Chris Iverson helped get the idea off the ground. He explained that this is a grass roots effort by a group of friends who have pooled their funds to fly a banner over the massive event. “My friends and I have this hunger to raise awareness with the communities around Chicago about the problem of abortion. Having an airplane display a message was an idea that came up in conversation. We researched it and decided to go with it. We have been very effective at reaching hundreds of thousands of people with our pro-life banners on highway overpasses, but we have this hunger to do more. We just thought, what else could we do to raise awareness that abortion takes human life?”

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