June 28, 2016

Why the Abortion Issue hasn’t gone away, Why it won’t go away, Why it can’t go away

Dr. Mohler offers five reasons for the enduring significance of the abortion issue.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr., is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a writer of uncommon grace and insight. He sets the stage for why the abortion issue has the same fierce resonance it always has by quoting from a note the author of Roe v. Wade wrote himself as he drafted the final opinion and speculated on the fallout:

Dr. Mohler’s five reasons are:

“First, the radical character of Roe – overthrowing abortion laws in all 50 states – galvanized pro-life forces.”

“Second, Roe also had the effect, surely unforeseen by the Supreme Court, of bringing millions of evangelical Christians into the fight on behalf of unborn life.”

“Third, the death spiral of abortion simply defies adequate calculation.” 1.05 million abortions each year and a 60% abortion rate among African-American women in New York City.

“Fourth, abortion has proved to be exactly what pro-lifers warned it would be: a deadly threat to human dignity that would target specific populations,” a reference to the abortion deaths of 90% of babies found to “less than perfect.”

“Fifth, powerful imaging technologies now allow a look inside the womb – a privilege unknown to previous generations.”

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