June 2, 2016

Kudos to LEGOS for baby-in-the-womb minifigure

LEGOS announced on Monday that it had created a graphic that depicted a LEGO baby in the womb. If you go to the LEGO Facebook page, you read, “It’s a big day! The first ever LEGO baby minifigure says HEY! to the world, arriving with the LEGO City 60134 Fun in the Park set, tomorrow June 1st.” [For those of us not familiar with the minutiae of LEGOS, minifigures are miniature figurine toys that accessorize LEGO sets.)

As of this afternoon, there were 63,100 comments and 13,682 “shared.”

As you can see, the graphic looks like a regular birth announcement coupled “with a ‘photo of the toy baby on an ultrasound screen,” as the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children described it. “The hazy gray ultrasound ‘photo’ shows the smiling ‘baby,’ its size and estimated date of birth.”

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