June 1, 2016

A “radical shift in outlook,” brought on by the birth of her daughter, enables mother to let go of the grief at losing her own father

The post is so stunning, so beautifully written, so intense that I will not spend more than a few sentences telling you that rewire news was the last place in this galaxy that I expected to read, “Only Through Becoming a Parent Have I Been Able to Let Go of My Grief at Losing My Own.

Rewire is the new name for the second iteration of the dismal pro-abortion site Rhrealitycheck.org. The re-named site is just as hysterically pro-abortion, just as vicious in its treatment of our Movement as its predecessor. But…. then….out of the blue….comes ….

This magnificent post by Sharona Coutts. And because I really do want you read her entire tribute to her father, who passed away 21 years ago, and wonder at the power of healing that came in the form of her child who was born late last year...

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