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UPDATE - HB 40 (State funding of abortions) PASSES THE HOUSE

This bill has the potential to reverse almost every pro-life effort made in Illinois and will protect abortion if regulated, defunded or o...

April 11, 2016

Obama’s with Hillary: No rights for preborns

President Barack Obama is reportedly on board with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's aggressive pro-abortion stance, which contends that preborn children have no constitutional rights, including the right to life guaranteed to all Americans.

The former secretary of state who served under Obama's first term told The View during an interview this week that preborn children -- just hours before delivery -- should have absolutely no rights guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution.

Her insistence that babies in the womb  -- at just about any stage in a pregnancy -- should not have any constitutional rights followed her statement earlier in the week that preborn children simply do not have any constitutional rights at all. Therefore, Clinton holds to the belief that the sanctity of human life does not apply to children in the womb, and by her interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, they can be denied the right to life.

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