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ALERT - HB 40 (State funding of abortions) on the way to the Governor!

HB 40 - State Abortion Insurance / Public Aid Act -  ACTION ALERT Status: Passed the House and Senate, now goes to the Governor Sum...

April 21, 2016

Legislative Update - HB 5576 Insurance Contraception Coverage Bill

Insurance Contraception Coverage Bill - HB5576

PASSED THE HOUSE 61-52 it now goes to the IL SENATE

This bill provides that an individual or group health policy shall provide coverage for all contraceptive drugs (including abortifacients), devices, and other products approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, including over-the-counter contraceptive drugs, devices, and products; voluntary sterilization procedures; contraceptive services, patient education, and counseling on contraception; and follow-up services related to their use.

This bill now goes to the Illinois Senate.

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