June 15, 2012

Obama blessing forced abortion with U.S. tax dollars

International reaction is stirring in response to shocking photos that illustrate forced abortion in China.

China restricts families to having just one child, though there are some exceptions. So, women are forced to abort if they do have a second pregnancy. For example, a woman seven months along was beaten on June 3 and forced to abort her second child. The baby was placed next to her in bed, and a picture was taken to shame her.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president and primary spokesperson for the Susan B. Anthony List, says it is a travesty that the leaders of the U.S. are doing nothing about this.

 "We should, as planet earth, as children of God, be outraged and express that, certainly to China," she urges. "But our direct representative, President Obama, has all the power in the world, as does Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, to communicate our great displeasure and to revoke funding for the United Nations Population Fund."

 She says that is an organization that "has turned a blind eye over and over to this abuse." And it is a taxpayer-funded body.

 "You and I contribute to the U.N. Population Fund, which manages the Chinese Population Family Control Program on the ground," Dannenfelser details. "You and I and everyone [reading] are implicit in this forced abortion that happened and every other one that has occurred."

 Through an executive order in 2009, President Obama resumed funding to the organization and requested $47 million from the 2012 budget for the cause.

Contact: Charlie Butts
Source: OneNewsNow